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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mission Impossible
One of the significant rewards in following my passion to write has been the amazing people I have met along the way. I have met writers from various walks of life and in different stages of their writing pursuit.  Each one has given me a gift to take on my journey, although it may take some time to ascertain it.  It’s like finding money in the pocket of an old pair of jeans.  It makes you smile and you feel just a little more ahead of where you were a moment ago.

I have been guided and encouraged by the most unlikely sources and found friendships in a vulnerable society.  Writers must put themselves out for criticism and critiques from readers at large and fellow writers.  I appreciate gingerly stepped advice and caring encouragement of my peers not only to myself but to others attempting to make their story heard in a compelling way.

On days when I think I must be totally irrational for trying to make any kind of living doing what I love, I remember the brave souls who have done it before me and those who share my journey.  We encourage and cheer each other on to face the fear and/or the obstacle.  Creativity now becomes indispensible in every area of life to reach the goal. 

In a world of realism, truth emerges in what at first appears nonsense authoring wisdom to the seemingly impossible.

“There is no use trying,” said Alice; “one can’t believe impossible things.”

“I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen.  “When I was your age, I always did if for half an hour a day.  Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” 
Lewis Carroll

What impossible task will you believe in today?


R.G. Calkins said...


I love the quotes from Alice in Wonderland. I now find myself exercising my imaginings every day. It's very liberating to admit out loud that I've lived in my head most of my life (I may be crazy, but at least I can put it on paper). My mother still brings up the fact that 'time out' never worked for me, that I probably misbehaved so that I could be exiled to spend time by myself. One of her favorite remembrances is about listening to the stories I would tell myself while I sat alone on the little red bench in our hallway. When I start thinking that I'm insane to attempt this journey, I think about this and know that I'm supposed to be writing. You are not irrational!

I too am blessed with the individuals that I've met in my pursuit of writing. I totally agree with your cash in pocket analogy. That's exactly what it's like. I've found a group of like minded people who truly enhance my life.

Yes, we put ourselves out there for critique as well as praise. But, there is something about the writing community that makes both equally beneficial. I have found that I can now discern the difference between that which aides my writing and that which I have to take with a grain of salt. We are a vulnerable society, but a strong one. We learn to temper our criticism so that it is encouraging and not destructive. I am re-learning something that came easy in my youth--letting things roll off my back and taking the helpful and positive out of everything I'm told.

I can think of nothing better than to celebrate our creativity, to revel in it, to embrace it. My imagining today will be the day I'm told my book is being published! How about you?

Love ya, -Robin

Lisa Fender said...

Good post Jody, and love your page, but you might want to change the color of the writing, us old people have a hard time with the white writing. Anyway, loved what you said and totally agree! I have so much support now and appreciate everyone who gives me feedback and shows interest. It's hard to turn to your close family or friends in this endeavor because they don't take you seriously. Even my mother just started to realize that I am going to publish my book! She is sending my contact info to a friend of hers who is a published author and in fact the woman's books are taught in universities across the country. The funny thing is, she writes non-fiction. Her name is Autumn Stanley, if you want to check her out and she read my poetry when I was young and said I had talent and to pursue it.

Anywoo, thanks for the post and I am so glad that we have become comrades in this world of writing! Keep going, Jody, you have talent and would write amazing books!