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Monday, May 7, 2012

Go With The Flow

We just completed our first farmer’s markets for Kuzala Gluten Free Delectables - it was a smashing success.  It was great to be outside, meeting people, sharing our products and stories with other vendors. I met a self published children’s book author who had fantastic books with imaginative illustrations.  I find it interesting to hear the journey of another writer.  His booth did well and had a steady flow of customers all day.  I am encouraged by his success and look forward to my own in the coming years.

Saturday night after our first market, I snuggled up in bed to watch a “chic flick”.  I have to admit, I really did not enjoy the movie, but I was able to look at the film in a way I never have before.  I marked the scenes from beginning to end; the rise in action, the conflict, the transition.  It became clear how to transfer this to my novel in a new way.  To know it in my brain is one thing, but to make the connection to my writing is another.  Without effort, clarity in something I love became apparent.

My writing, business, family, relationships, etc. work in a similar way.  Removing resistance patterns produces harmony which promotes creativity.  I am constantly amazed by the synchronicity I experience on a daily basis.  My days plans are completely altered making way for new opportunities I had not seen before.  When I “go with the flow” I loose less energy on being frustrated and the day unfolds as it will.

I have experienced moments of resistance with our new business because I know that much of my life has to be consumed with its birth and growth.  My “free” time is minimal - reading and writing are a great privilege not assumed.  However, I find I enjoy this venture and I do have the wit, energy and perseverance to make it succeed.  It is what I do now and when this moment is over, the next one flows into itself with perfect unfoldment. 

Thank you for sharing my journey.  I love your comments and the community we share.

ps  Please send me your opinions on new biscotti flavors:
     a. chocolate, cranberry, pecan
     b. orange spice
     c.  bananna walnut

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Do you ever notice life seems to fly out of control at the worst possible times?  I am not sure this is entirely true, but it sure seems that way.  This week I should be preparing for my first 2 farmer’s markets - baking away and gathering the last minute items I need for a successful sale.  This weekend is important.  We need to make our first sales and start generating income, but low and behold, a major challenge is hindering my progress.

With a baby whom is sick and contagious with a nasty virus, life as I know it has come to a near halt.  After canceling most events of the week and baking late at night or early in the morning, I press on.

I promised myself if I ran into major obstacles with this business, I would stop, breathe and find the way around, over or through the obstruction.  My mind and emotions wage war against one another.  My mind and experience know it will all be okay, but my stomach gurgles, my body retaliates with physical manifestations of my stress and I want to run and cry! 

I stop.  I breathe in love. I breathe out love.  Everything is okay.  I have help, support and an ingenious mind.  I will overcome.

 Monday morning money stress hit like a tidal wave and the fear Kuzala may not be as successful as I have envisioned took root, but with Alaya’s sickness, the toxic thoughts disappeared.  Even this early in the week, I know I am not alone and of course we will succeed in this venture.  When I keep my priorities in order, all will find a place and the “to do’s” that don’t may not have been as important as I once thought.  Optimistic - no, experience has proven it.

May you see the challenges in your life as a way to lift you higher in every way.

Love & light,