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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Unexpected Sage

A great sage has come to live in my house.  She models love and wisdom in her very being.  I sit in awe when I realize what she demonstrates. 

I struggle with doubt.  Dodging the approval trap while learning to be true to myself has been piercing to the core.   I am passionate, loving and stubborn.  Fear of not doing the “right” thing ensnares my forward progress. 

Alaya is a breath of fresh air.  In her short time on this planet, I have observed her peace, easy smile and friendliness with complete strangers.

My favorite time of day is first thing in the morning.  Daddy carries her to our bed to snuggle.  She drinks her milk while I sip my coffee.  She is in no hurry to set out on her day.  She revels in the quiet peacefulness of dawn.  Cooing softly her morning song, she welcomes the day. 

This moment is a blessing.  Each and every moment I spend aware is a gift.

Lovies, blankies, and woobies are her constant companions.  Upon discovery of a left animal or blanket, she runs with great joy to retrieve it and give it a huge hug.  Not one is neglected, each a treasure.

She reminds me to greet loved ones with such enthusiasm.

In supermarkets, restaurants, parks, hospitals, anywhere really, she purposefully greets all she meets.  Her huge, gleaming smile sweetens the sourest of attitudes.  Her gift of happiness she enthusiastically shares with the world.

May I be always kind and greet everyone with love in my heart.

As Alaya makes her rounds through our bustling household, she observes, makes comments or asks questions only she can understand and frequently fills the moments with giggles and laughter.

I see her love for people; her love for herself.  She follows her heart and expresses her displeasure without prejudice.  I observe my fears I hold onto as a false sense of security or some idea of political correctness.  Her freedom is to love and be loved.  As I observe her simple contentment, her light shines truth upon my heart.  Why do I worry about anything?  Life is now. Whatever is to be will be, no matter how I rush to accomplish it or drag my feet against it.  I surrender to the flow, my dreams happen with peacefulness and surprising ease.