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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bakery Name Contest

My nose is bloodied from being put to the grindstone.  I am setting up several new businesses so that one day I can write full time.  One of the toughest things I have had to do is name the bakery.  I, unlike many writers, name my pieces very early in the process.  If provides direction and the piece becomes alive; it no longer is just an idea, it breathes and grows.  In my quest, I ran into some fabulous websites you may want to check out.

Who remembers Snigglets? They were a small section on Not Neccesarily the News back in the 80’s.  Snigglets were great made up words and I believe it is where “spork” got its origin.  Squidoo is a fun site for fun or forgotten words like “blowsabelle”.  Can you guess its meaning?  (This is so me on a bad day.)  blowsabella (n.) a rough, romping red-faced female whose hair is dishevelled and hanging about her face. Gotta love it!  Just call me a “Bleached Mort” (fair complexioned female) and you’ll love this word - circumbilivagination.  You’ll have to look it up to find out what it means.  Find it here:   Here is another for those of you who love words:

Beggar's Velvet

Beggar's Velvet ( downey particles which accumulate under furniture from the negligence of housekeepers.

I would love your help in naming our newest business scheduled to open May/June of 2012.  It is a gluten/sugar free wholesale bakery.  I have in mind “Happy” or some variation.  Leave me some suggestions.  If your name is chosen, you will receive $50 in free baked goods.  Thanks for your help!

p.s. Kegan’s blog is coming…next time. 
Illustration Credit: The Gross Uncle at


Red Brown said...

I'd play with this one The Giddy Glutton. Glutton is so close to Gluten and when we eat the proper foods like gluten and sugar free we should be able to be happy in our gluttony..LOL! Needs a little work but that was my first idea...
Good luck!
We love our Kefir, gluten free and tasty!

Unknown said...

Love the dust bunny illustration (ha-beggar's velvet). I will start my wheels turning on a name. I can't wait for Kegan's blog. You really should bring him to the group sometime. I am so gonna use these websites. I love words!


Jody Romero said...

I like it Chandra - always good for a giggle. We'll put it in the hat! Thanks for your faithful following!