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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aaah part 2

Novelist Robert Kirkman suggests figuring out how little sleep you can live on in order to make your dreams come true.  Creator of the hit series, “The Walking Dead”, he should know a thing or two about zombies.  He revealed in a recent interview he barely slept for two years in order to work and launch his writing career.  Admittedly, I admire his tenacity and have tried this scheme myself, but to no avail.  I cannot produce writing of any genuine value while exhausted.  Having tried and failed, I reply with a mighty, NEXT!

Fortunately, I haven’t spent my precious energy trying to contrive yet another more productive way to organize my life; however, I will say I did, once upon a time, obsess about this very idea.  Now I am simply “doing” what is before me.  This week it’s work.  Not my research and writing work, but physical labor including, painting, cleaning and filling in at my aunt’s downtown deli while she is vacationing in Florida.  After submitting to the idea that I would not be able to focus much on my novel, I chose to put my energy into the duties of the day and have accomplished more than I expected and with great release for I have found time to tackle a couple of long overdue house projects as well.

I feel good.  I recognize so many blessings in my life and realize how truly happy I am.  In the past week, my husband and I have taken time to play and the rewards are astonishing.  I forget the restorative power fun affords!  Friday night, bleary eyed & exhausted, I sat up playing Monopoly with Kyler & Hunter till we nearly passed out.  I had to eat peanuts to stay alert and remember to pay my debts from my own money and not the banks.  We laughed, giggled and made stupid jokes up that would only be funny at that moment and as I crawled into bed that night, my heart sang of the love I have for my kids and my life. 

I simply cannot afford the drain of energy negativity brings.  Lift it, bless it and move on is my mantra this week and I have to say, it’s working quite well.  When I allow life to unfold effortlessly like the pedals of a rose, the beauty is remarkable and no dream or plan could make it go any better.

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R.G. Calkins said...

Hi Jodi,

I love your posts, very inspiring! I think I need to stop trying to "make time" for things and just let them happen.

So glad you've had that restorative, family time.

See you soon,