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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


What a week!  I am working fervently launching businesses which when mature, will enable me to focus on my books.  I would like to introduce you to some of the exciting happening in our household. 

The first and most fun by far, is Kegan’s blog d├ębut. My eldest son Kegan, now 16 years old, has shown an interest in writing.  He excelled at poetry in his middle school years, then struggled his first year of high school, but has returned to try his hand again in this creative endeavor.  Seeing life through the eyes of my teenager is an entertaining and wondrous experience.  So without further ado, here is Kegan Johnson.


I love chips. The salty, crunchy sensation from this delicacy known as chips is the corner stone of pleasure in my life. Mom doesn’t want me eating them. She is crazy not letting me have these chips. Two weeks I have to live without chips and I have no idea how I can last this long. My mind tells me to resist but my mouth will do anything to get a hold of the good stuff; I do not know how much longer I can resist the best sensation in my life. I remembered when I bought my first bag of chips; it was my favorite flavor, Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips. When I ate them, I thought I was in heaven; just thinking about them rekindles my cravings for them. Temptation kick in, my mouth begins to water. I close in on the idea of sneaking one, just one, bag of chips a week. Just to hold me over. I feel myself slowing losing control. It won’t be long before I go totally mad.

Post a comment and let his know what you think.  Have a great week! 

p.s. Thank you for your name suggestions.  I’ll let you know soon the name of our new bakery!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bakery Name Contest

My nose is bloodied from being put to the grindstone.  I am setting up several new businesses so that one day I can write full time.  One of the toughest things I have had to do is name the bakery.  I, unlike many writers, name my pieces very early in the process.  If provides direction and the piece becomes alive; it no longer is just an idea, it breathes and grows.  In my quest, I ran into some fabulous websites you may want to check out.

Who remembers Snigglets? They were a small section on Not Neccesarily the News back in the 80’s.  Snigglets were great made up words and I believe it is where “spork” got its origin.  Squidoo is a fun site for fun or forgotten words like “blowsabelle”.  Can you guess its meaning?  (This is so me on a bad day.)  blowsabella (n.) a rough, romping red-faced female whose hair is dishevelled and hanging about her face. Gotta love it!  Just call me a “Bleached Mort” (fair complexioned female) and you’ll love this word - circumbilivagination.  You’ll have to look it up to find out what it means.  Find it here:   Here is another for those of you who love words:

Beggar's Velvet

Beggar's Velvet ( downey particles which accumulate under furniture from the negligence of housekeepers.

I would love your help in naming our newest business scheduled to open May/June of 2012.  It is a gluten/sugar free wholesale bakery.  I have in mind “Happy” or some variation.  Leave me some suggestions.  If your name is chosen, you will receive $50 in free baked goods.  Thanks for your help!

p.s. Kegan’s blog is coming…next time. 
Illustration Credit: The Gross Uncle at

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Isn’t it amazing what a day can bring forth?  How about a week of synchronistic events?  I stand amazed by the power of creativity.

My week began with worry and frustration. I find it near impossible to create a good piece of writing while our financial ends wave at each other from across the creek.  I spend my time floundering for a paddle in which to connect them.  So I ask myself, how do I have a profluent life and still do what I love?  The answer comes in not one solution, but several. 

I woke at 3 am Tuesday morning fully alert. A near complete business plan in my head.  As an entrepreneur most of my adult life, I love contemplating new ideas.  I thought, if I can build several small businesses, the combined dividends of each will enable me to write and earn enough money to not sweat out the bills each month without consuming all my time and energy.

With my phone as a light, I scribbled notes down for an hour before I could rest again.  Excitement filled every cell and I was running on its energy and working hard to make the ideas come to life.  As I followed the call, numerous business owners expressed interest in my sales as a wholesaler which in turn, fueled my enthusiasm.

Then, like any good story, conflict enters and my character is challenged.  It won’t go.  I can’t do it.  It was probably a stupid idea anyway. I will have to go back to a job I don’t want to do.  I’ll not find time to write.  I won’t have money and we’ll probably lose the house.  Nice pity party, wouldn’t you say?  I sent myself to my room and began to journal.

Hope poked its head from behind the dark clouds of dismay.  A window opened and brought with it not only the fresh air of a new idea, but knowledge through the closure; I opened to a better idea.  Fantastic ideas are flowing and again I am filled with confidence.

My you find many windows in your life!

P.S. I’ll announce the new business ventures soon!
New Windows!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mission Impossible
One of the significant rewards in following my passion to write has been the amazing people I have met along the way. I have met writers from various walks of life and in different stages of their writing pursuit.  Each one has given me a gift to take on my journey, although it may take some time to ascertain it.  It’s like finding money in the pocket of an old pair of jeans.  It makes you smile and you feel just a little more ahead of where you were a moment ago.

I have been guided and encouraged by the most unlikely sources and found friendships in a vulnerable society.  Writers must put themselves out for criticism and critiques from readers at large and fellow writers.  I appreciate gingerly stepped advice and caring encouragement of my peers not only to myself but to others attempting to make their story heard in a compelling way.

On days when I think I must be totally irrational for trying to make any kind of living doing what I love, I remember the brave souls who have done it before me and those who share my journey.  We encourage and cheer each other on to face the fear and/or the obstacle.  Creativity now becomes indispensible in every area of life to reach the goal. 

In a world of realism, truth emerges in what at first appears nonsense authoring wisdom to the seemingly impossible.

“There is no use trying,” said Alice; “one can’t believe impossible things.”

“I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen.  “When I was your age, I always did if for half an hour a day.  Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” 
Lewis Carroll

What impossible task will you believe in today?