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Monday, April 9, 2012

Do Something

Don’t Just Sit There, DO Something!
Or it is
Don’t Just Do Something, SIT there!
Finding the balance in life is no small task; it’s a constant challenge for me.  In December, I began working with a book/class called The Artist Way by Julia Cameron.  It is a spectacular resource for opening up your creative self.  I found it to be helpful not only in writing, but in basic problem solving as well.

It’s one thing in life to be a dreamer and another to be a doer.  I believe the perfect balance is a blending of the two.  I can visualize my goals with precision, but getting there is my enigma.  How do I balance my creative imagination with physical results?  Do I follow my heart and write when our finances really do not allow for this luxury?  Do I return to what I have done for years in the construction/cleaning business and hope the time for writing will come?  Neither one works for me.  I can not effectively survive without “X” amount of dollars and trust me I have tried and cut every expenditure imaginable.  Yet, I would betray my heart if I returned to a job I no longer wanted to do nor am physically able to do.
Kegan with the same dilema!
I woke up one morning a few months ago at 3 am with a business plan in my head.  Could this be the answer?  After much research and advice, I am moving on the venture with the hopes of meeting my financial needs in a positive way which will eventually allow me to write.  I am excited to introduce to you a healthy, innovative, environmentally responsible company, Kuzala Gluten Free Delectables.  I am privileged to be partnering not only with my immediate family, but my brother Jeremy, my parents and friends to make this company a success.


Kuzala opens for business at the end of April and will bring low glycemic, naturally sweetened, gluten free products to Denver and the surrounding area. 

Putting trust in myself to make this endeavor a success has been a task all its own.  Gently refining and balancing the priorities of my spiritual and physical life will prove to be prosperous either way.
Shared journey’s make light the way.  I’d love to hear from you about venturing into the unknown.

Love & light,

1 comment:

R.G. Calkins said...

I have to tell anyone reading this post that Jody makes a tasty, gluten free, chocolate chip cookie. I can't wait to try more.

Jody, I wish you much success. I fervently hope you prosper with this and most of all, that you feel the love and support of your family and friends in this endeavor.

Love ya!