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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reflections on Gratefulness

The sun’s bright autumn rays warmed me as I sat on my patio while the chill in the air stung my nose.  The beauty of a new day embraced my heart with awareness.  With hot, steaming coffee in one hand, a great book in the other, I breathed in all the day had to offer with gratefulness and reflected on times past.

Jim Morrison’s song, Into the Mystic, played on the radio as I drove down the road. Enchantment filled my thoughts, transporting me to another time deep within my soul.  This moment opened itself to moving sensations and I revel in the gift.  A moment of awe and wonder and I am filled with a knowing.

Nestled in the thick cool grass on a warm, sunny day, I let my mind wonder to the clouds above gently streaming across the periwinkle sky.  Peace and stillness surround me with such immensity, I could not move.  Tasks, festivities, calls of action could not stir the stillness here. I am safe.  I am love.

Pictures of the past pass through my mind.  Familiar places, yet they are not my own.  Memories of scenes witnessed, confusion I had felt.  Compassion and understanding come in like a wave on the sea and my heart echoes, Peace Be Still.

Gazing at the grand nothingness, I am mesmerized by its power.  Momentarily I leave this time and enter another.  Reminiscence of dreams once held, hopes deferred.  Goosebumps zip up my back and I say aloud, Thank You God.

Giggles erupted from the other room; they beckoned me from my slumber.  It was futile to resist its happy call.  Laughter and silliness filled the house with joy and exuberance.  On the floor with my brood, they wrestle and wiggle to break free only to dive in once again.

Warmth and softness cradled me in its arms, strengthening me from my weary travels.  It set me upon a perch to be free and fly.  I submit to love’s hold and release the fear which grips me.  Glorious light greets me on the other side of pain while I connect with my inner most being and return home to my truest self.

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rebecca said...

Jody, this is so good---I cannot really follow where you are or place if you are talking about your kids or feelings . . .you interchange subjects very quickly and without really telling us where to follow . . .but the descriptions and depth is all there . . . I can feel it . . .